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 In 1975, shortly after the photo on left was taken,  Arlen was in severe despair related to a break up & diagnosed with Manic Depression, now known as Bipolar Disorder.   After years of treatment, she has dedicated her life to ending the stigma of mental health disorders in the St. Louis community.  Arlen has served as a Volunteer & board member for organizations including Jewish Family & Children’s Services & the St. Louis Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

"I speak out on mental illness. I was able to reach a level of wellness… I am a messenger…  maybe somebody’s life will change.  They’ll see there’s hope. . . Turning 80 has become the best years of my life.  My experiences, even the deep dark ones, have really just enhanced my understanding of people, my compassion, my understanding of myself, and it’s been a miracle for me."

Videos of Arlen:
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