Workshops are designed to increase creativity and self-expression!

Photo Explorations offers various photography workshops,which frequently combine photography with other expressive techniques such as collage and photo-journaling.

Some workshops are more “focused” on taking photos while others promote self-awareness through making new pictures and/or writing about past images participants bring to the workshop.

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We hold one-session or multi-session workshops with various groups including:

  • Libraries

  • Art Organizations

  • Camps

  • Schools

  • Youth Groups

  • Senior Centers

We specialize in working to empower girls and women through self-exploration though we welcome groups of all ages & gender.  Workshops are designed to meet the interests and ages of each group. Some topics include:

  • Expressive Portraits

  • Nature Photography

  • Positive Self-Identity

  • Goal Setting

  • Mother/Daughter Bonding

We partner with Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri and work with all ages.


We  also offer badge workshops:  

Juniors: Digital Photographer Brownie: My Best Self

We also offer workshops using the Photo Explorations workbook!

For more info on book, click here

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