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Asha grew up in Bangalore, India, where she studied & performed Bharata Natyam dance. Shortly after moving to St. Louis in the late 1960's she and her husband, the late Dr. B.N. Premachandra, began Dances of India, to bring their love of Indian dance & culture to the St. Louis area. Initially, it was a challenge for people to understand that Indian dancing was not Native American dance, but they pursued. For more than 45 years, Asha has been Artistic Director/Choreographer as well as a teacher and performer throughout the St. Louis region and beyond. She continues to teach almost every single day and has been honored with the 2020 St. Louis Regional Arts Commission Artist Fellowship and the 2018 St. Louis Visionary Arts Award for Outstanding Teaching Artist.

"It is important for people to keep going. For me, it's the love of dance. For somebody else, maybe they love reading, writing, or needlework -- anything at all they want to do in life, they should keep at it."

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