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Carol chose to be photographed by a monument dedicated to her mother and aunt in Kirkwood Park, on the land where she grew up.
She has helped others throughout her life as a church volunteer & as a pediatric nurse’s assistant at St. John’s Mercy Hospital.  She also
worked as a custodian at St. Louis Community College Meramec campus in Kirkwood.  After retirement, she began volunteering at the
Shepherd’s Centerfor older adults where she stays socially active & participates in weekly  line dance classes & learning/cultural
events that she didn’t have time for when she was a working mother.


“I didn’t know I was poor until I got married and found out.  We were happy.
If you extend your hands open, you get all the blessings in this world that you can handle...
I like staying in touch with people per phone because just hearing somebody else’s voice sometimes can
change your day.  It helps me mentally as well just to know I have touched somebody else.
I hope I leave the planet better than I found it.  I hope I leave it with love,
understanding and compassion like my mom did.  I hope I live to 100 and still be able to dance, give and be a happy person on this earth.”

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