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Gayle, who is in her early 80s, has held a variety of jobs including, many years as an operator for Southwestern Bell.  Due to finances & a desire to get out of the house, she continues to work a part time job in the service industry. Gayle also helps out in her daughter’s health food store & volunteers in the community.  She enjoys classes in the Osher Life Long Learning Institute (OLLI) at  Washington University & socializing with friends from the St. Louis Village community.

“I have had an interesting life . . . I usually try anything I can at least once from barrel racing in a rodeo to flying an airplane.  I have traveled from Nordkapp in Norway in the Arctic Circle to a sea plunge in Antarctica at Deception Island . . . I don't enjoy all the quiet time now.   Sometimes, it gets boring as hell to listen to myself.   Consequently, I’ve adopted senior cats & dogs through the years because we seniors have got to stick together.  The pets are always there to greet me, & it makes me feel wanted & needed . . .

I also enjoy being with highly educated people retired from various professions.    Through  OLLI, I make friends & learn about topics from Chinese brush painting to archaeology.  It keeps me wanting to learn more.  Your mind is the original computer in the world,  & I am stuffing mine full of as much info as I can  –  that way it keeps expanding rather than contracting.”

Gayle's sea plunge in Antarctica at Deception Island
Video of Gayle 
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