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Jean moved to St. Louis from the Philippines in 1975 with her husband & 2 young children. They left to have a better life & more opportunities for their family. They chose St. Louis because they had relatives here.  Jean, a nurse, & her husband, a surgeon, had 2 more children born in the U.S.  They worked separate shifts for many years to take turns caring for their children.   Jean became an active member of the growing Philippine community, & she is a former president of the Philippine Nurses Association of Greater St. Louis.  At age 66, she retired from St. Mary’s Hospital to care for her sick husband.  Later, she joined Medical Missions & used her skills to help low income families in the Philippines until she was 77.  Jean continues to reside in St. Louis where she has close family and friends, although enjoys traveling to visit her children in the Midwest.

“It was hard coming here.  Our way of life in the Philippines is different.  There, you have help – especially at home.  I did have some family help here, & we learned how to support the family on our own . . . If I have obstacles in my life, my prayer is my secret weapon, which has helped me a lot . . . Sometimes, I have leg pain.  When I’m by myself, it’s hard to walk but when I’m with my friends,  I don’t focus on it as much.  Enjoy your friends & your family.  If your friends ask you to go, just go, &  enjoy your life while you can!”

Video of Jean:

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