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If you have played tennis in St. Louis, there’s a good chance you know Judy, who has been on the scene for 50 plus years. In addition to playing tennis, she ran tennis clubs and managed tournaments throughout the area.  Judy has been inducted into both the U.S. Tennis Association Missouri Valley Hall of Fame & the USTA St. Louis Hall of Fame.  She also is 1 of 3 National Junior Tournament Directors for the USTA for the Blue Ribbon Award.  She has been involved in helping Forest Park’s Dwight Davis Tennis Center grow in both tennis & pickleball programs.  In more recent years, she began playing pickleball and loves it!  


“I’m very fortunate to be at this age (80) & very active.

  I believe what keeps you going is activity, people,

friends . . . There are always tough times in every life whether it is job, family or illness related

but with the help of family & God, I got through. 

That’s what it takes. We lost a child.  I lost my first marriage, unfortunately, but it turned out to be the

best thing . . . I was a working single mom with four boys. Then, I met my present husband & from that point on, my life turned much better.  I gained two more kids, &

have gone forward  ever since then on the upswing.”

Judy out on the pickleball court:
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