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Willistine has spent much of her life learning and teaching.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Business Education from the U. of Arkansas in 1964, &  in 1966, began teaching for the St. Louis Public Schools.  It was initially very challenging but she excelled throughout her 39 years.  She became certified as a science teacher & later earned a master’s degree in Human Relations & Management from Webster U.  Willistine had always enjoyed writing but was too busy with family & work.   Luckily, in her late 70s, she found a poetry writing class, which she loves.  She  continues to be a very active great-grandmother & spends much of her time volunteering for her church, exercising & writing poetry. Two of her poems were published in 2022 in "Roots Rainbows & Truth: The North County Anthology” & have been posted on a library website for National Poetry Month.

At the first writing class, the teacher asked us to write, so I wrote. 

The 2nd week, she asked us to write. I wrote about my skin & that 

particular poem was published . . . I don't care how tired I am.  If I sit down & start writing, I get relaxed.  So I know that is something that I like to do. That is one of my gifts - to write poetry, &  I really enjoy writing them.

It seems like my mind just opens up. I never knew that I had so much in me

but I have such a good teacher . . .   she has taught us to use  good adjectives - write like you’re talking. I do that, & I am amazed at myself.  I’m amazed at me.  I thought by 55, I’d be in my rocking chair. Now that I am 80,

I had no idea that I would be as active as I am now but I think it’s because I never did sit down!

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