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Willistine has spent much of her life learning and teaching.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Business Education from the U. of Arkansas in 1964, &  in 1966, began teaching for the St. Louis Public Schools.  It was initially very challenging but she excelled throughout her 39 years.  She became certified as a science teacher & later earned a master’s degree in Human Relations & Management from Webster U.  Willistine had always enjoyed writing but was too busy with family & work.   Luckily, in her late 70s, she found a poetry writing class, which she loves.  She  continues to be a very active great-grandmother & spends much of her time volunteering for her church, exercising & writing poetry. Two of her poems were published in 2022 in "Roots Rainbows & Truth: The North County Anthology” & have been posted on the St. Louis Country Library website for National Poetry Month.

At the first writing class, the teacher asked us to write,

so I wrote. The 2nd week, she asked us to write. I wrote about my skin & that particular poem was published . . . I don't care how tired I am.  If I sit down & start writing, I get relaxed.  So I know that is something that I like to do. That is one of my gifts - to write poetry, &  I really enjoy writing them.  It seems like my mind just opens up.  I never

knew that I had so much in me but I have such

a good teacher . . .   she has taught us to use  good adjectives - write like you’re talking. I do that, & I am amazed at myself.  I’m amazed at me.  I thought by 55, I’d be in my rocking chair. Now that I am 80, I had

no idea that I would be as active as I am now but I think

it’s because I never did sit down!

                by Willistine Robinson

Growing old gracefully
Growing old comfortably
Growing old beautifully
Those attributes have
  always been my desire
More relaxation when retired.

My lunch box is extremely full
I Should remove some side items
I Should not replace them
But the side items are so 
enticing and tempting

 and the desserts are so
ike a romance or flower in full bloom
I find it hard to resist them.

I’ve always had lots of items in my          lunch box-- 
  and I’ve always been able to empty it Main dish--sandwich with condiments;     side dishes—chips, soda, 
  and dessert. 
I’ve paid my dues
There are no free lunches in life
Do I now only want the sandwich and       condiments?

Can it happen?
Do I really want it to happen?

That’s what I must decide.  

Copyright 2022  Willistine Robinson

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